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What are the benefits of playing with jigsaw puzzles?

Jigsaws have been around for about 250 years. They were created by an English cartographer who chopped up a wooden map calling it a dissected puzzle and were used primarily to teach about the geography of the world. Nowadays, puzzles are regarded as an activity to keep people busy with a 1000 piece puzzle taking aprroximately 5 hours to complete.

Did you know that they also have many other benefits which not only challenge minds but also our way of thinking and so jigsaws can play an important part in the development of your child.

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Activities to develop fine motor skills

So what exactly are fine motor skills? These are the movements such as pinching or grasping that you make with your hands. These types of movements are important for young children to practise as they are necessary for everyday skills such as: holding a pencil, doing up buttons, using utensils and loads more.

These fine motor skills need to be practised in everyday situations. It can be tempting for parents who are short of time to finish doing up buttons, tying shoelaces etc. as it is faster, but it is important that children are given the time to do these skills by themselves. However, if they are getting frustrated then by all means give tham a hand to start them off. They can always finish pushing the button through and this way they will feel like they have done it by themselves.

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How movement play can help early writing skills

This blog will examine how physical activity can help children with their early writing skills.

Before children begin to write they need to feel comfortable about putting their forearms onto a table so that they can support their hand when writing. Some children find resting their forearms very strange and prefer to try to write with their arm up in the air which of course is not going to make for producing legible letters.

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6 ways to get your child ready for starting school

There are only a few months left before your child will start “big school” and research by PACEY has shown that 71% of parents were anxious about their child starting school.  I hope that this blog will give you some

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