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What’s in the cupboard? Early maths skills

It’s part 3 of What’s in the cupboard and this week we are looking at early maths skills.

Here are some ideas for helping your child improve their maths.

  1. Pre-counting skills are important in the early stages of maths.  These include the ability to sort and match objects.  Setting the table is a good way to practise this as is helping with the washing and matching up pairs of socks.
  2. Singing number songs help children get used to the pattern of numbers.  These can be sung when other activities are taking place such as bath time, walking to school etc. 5 little ducks, 5 speckled frogs and 10 fat sausages are good for counting down but don’t forget that counting up is important. 1 elephant went out to play is a lovely one to sing with a few friends.
  3. Numbers can be written down on pieces of paper and matched up with household objects.  For example, sort out the correct number of grapes, raisins, sweets and match them up to a number.
  4. Write numbers on sticky notes and put them on toy cars, duplo bricks, cuddly toys and then support your child with putting them in the correct order from 0 – 5 etc.
  5. Numbers are all around us. Go on a number hunt and see where you can find them.  They could be on clocks, telephones, front doors, washing machines etc.  Children could then take a photo of them to look at later.  This is a good activity to help children recognise the difference between numbers and letters that they may find.

If you want to develop your child’s early maths skills further, the Little Mathematician bag is a perfect choice.  As with all our toy collections it comes with a detailed instruction sheet of activities that have proven to be successful in the classroom.