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With bonfire night approaching why not try these shaving foam fireworks. It is a great messy fun activity which also helps to improve fine motor skills

You will need the following:

Squirt some shaving foam into the tray and then smooth it out.  You want to try and make it as flat as possible so that the colouring/paint will not run when added.  Then put a few drops of colouring all over the shaving foam.  If you want to make your patterns more colourful then you can add a different colour into the middle of the drops.  Next comes the fun bit.  Using your spreading tools such as cocktail sticks or cotton buds, spread the colour starting from the centre of the drops.  This is an activity which requires a lot of precision and is excellent for children to develop not only their fine mortor skills but also to improve their concentration skills and levels of persistence.  When your child has finished making their patterns they can be saved by carefully pressing a piece of stiff paper on top and peeling back slowly.  You will need to remove the excess shaving foam and it can then be displayed.

The fun does not have to stop there.  Shaving foam also provides children with a wonderful sensory experience.  So let them explore the foam afterwards using their hands for touching and noses for smelling.  They can write their names in it or add other items such as glitter or cake decorating sprinkles to create different patterns.

Many thanks to Jenae (I can teach my child) for the inspiration.